Simple and secure giving. Give one-time or schedule recurring giving using the options below.

Why the Switch?



GNCC's responsibility to steward the finances, tithes, and offerings of our Good News family is of the highest of priorities. We want to ensure that every dollar that you give has the opportunity to go the furthest. With our new giving platform your tithes, and offerings are now going even further than before. Not only is giving easier than before, we will spend less money on transactions fees, AND if you feel up to it you can even cover the fees of the transaction yourself. This ensures that any online transaction will have the greatest impact for Good News, and the people we serve.



Your data's security and accessibility is of great importance. With Our New giving Platform not only will all of your financial information (credit cards, name, address, amounts, etc.) stay ultra secure, you will also now be able to access your own records at any time to see how your giving records look since you have started giving. Whether you started giving at the inception of Good News in 1986, or if you are just starting today, you can see it! 


Today in Giving:

With even our day to day life changing, the way we give has changed as well. We want to always stay up to date, and always make your generosity an enjoyable experience. With this new platform you can seamlessly give on our website, through our new app (Coming soon), or through text to give. All of these different ways to give are integrated together for easier log in experiences, and more robust record viewing per individual givers. 


For help with setting up your giving profile, reoccurring giving, or for any questions as to how your information is protected and kept (just the same if not better than before) please email us at! We would love to help you take the leap with your generosity into the digital age!

Text Giving
Simply text the word "GIVE" to 844•702•0524

Complete giving information and credit/debit card details. Once complete, the information is securely saved for future gifts.

You can easily give at any time by texting a simple donation number amount (ex. 250) and hitting send!

Mobile-giving app
Give using the our Church App.